Saturday, November 5, 2011

Martian Queen: The Adventures of Stewart John Jones of Mars by John Cosper Book Review

Genre: Science Fiction
Recommendation: Excellent

Originality – 5/5
Writing Style – 5/5
Plot – 5/5
Characters – 5/5
Aesthetics – 3/5
For all the wannabes out there!
What if the stuff you read in your sci-fi novels were true? Or what if you could actually do what your character does in video games? What if you could go to another planet and be a real-life superhero?
That’s exactly what Stewart John Jones of Earth gets to do! He’s a lazy gas station clerk who suddenly gets whisked away to Mars only to find out that everyone there is even lazier than he is. He soon convinces Princess Dayla to marry him, but on their wedding night, the Mountain King and his nefarious robot come and steal her away. Now Jones is on a mission to get her back and to restore the rightful Queen of Mars to her throne. Why him? Because he’s the only person on the whole planet willing to do something!
Martian Queen is a hilarious book with a witty writing style that any fan of the genre can enjoy. There are a lot of references to other pop culture works and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably find yourself relating quite a bit to the character.
There’s nothing specifically Christian in this book, but it’s a clean and enjoyable read. You could get through it in an afternoon if you wanted to.
A couple of detractors is that there are a lot of typos in this book. Not so many that you can’t follow the story, but I’m sure you’ll note the lack of quality proofreading. Also, the cover shows a green woman. It’s a nice attractive image for the book, but no human-like Martians are green, so it’s a bit disappointing there.
Other than that, it really is a fun book, and quite deserving of an Excellent rating.
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