Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Reality’s Dawn" (the expansion and re-release of "Infinite Realities") by R. L. Copple Book Review

Genre: Christian Fantasy

Recommendation: Excellent

Originality – 5/5
Writing Style – 4/5
Plot – 5/5
Characters – 5/5
Aesthetics – 5/5

What would you do if you could perform any miracle? What temptations would that bring? How would it change you? R. L. Copple explores these questions and more in Reality’s Dawn, the first volume of The Reality Chronicles.

Written as an allegory, Reality’s Dawn is told in the very simple first-person narrative of the main character, Sisko. Having walked into the local steam house, where everyone is supernaturally given exactly what they deserve, young Sisko emerges with the ability to perform any miracle he wishes, but with a very important catch: He cannot use his ability to benefit himself. This one rule sounds like it would be simple enough to obey, but the temptations that Sisko faces are abundant.

Each chapter records a new adventure in the hero’s life and is loaded with danger, action, and Biblical morals. He’ll gain friends, join a gang, fall in love, and become a popular healer near and far.  The question is, will he be able to maintain his devotion to God in the midst of it all? 

I give Reality’s Dawn a recommendation of Excellent and will eagerly anticipate reading the rest of The Reality Chronicles.

Reality’s Dawn is available from Splashdown Books.

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