Monday, April 28, 2014

"The Encounter: Paradise Lost" Movie Review

the-encounter-paradise-lostGenre: Spiritual Warfare
Recommendation: Excellent
Originality – 5/5
Acting Style 5/5
Plot 4/5
Characters – 5/5
Aesthetics  – 5/5

What do you get when a broken marriage, a revenge-bent DEA agent, a couple drug dealers, and a junkie prostitute all get caught in a storm together?

The Encounter: Paradise Lost.

Jesus shows up in a powerful way in each of these people's lives. The characters are deep, the acting natural, and Bruce Marchiano's portrayal of Jesus continues to show the heart of the Lord like no other. 

This would be a great movie to show as an outreach event or to do a Bible study on.

There are some questionable theological points, depending on what flavor of Christian you are, but these issues are subtle and in no way should distract from the value of the rest of the movie.

There is a point where the physical action seems to lull a bit as Jesus and the characters enter into conversation, but this is where the meat of the spiritual action is and provides great food for thought. 

Overall, the production of The Encounter: Paradise Lost is of the highest quality and I look forward to seeing what Pure Flix Productions comes out with next. 

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