List of Christian Sci-Fi Novels

Alpha Redemption by P. A. Baines (Excellent) 






Arena by Karen Hancock (Good)





Aquasynthesis Edited by Grace Bridges (Good)




Calamity's Child: A Novel of the Frontier by M. Keaton (Excellent) 





The Dark Trench Saga: A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz (Excellent)





Dark Side of the Moon by Terri Main (Excellent) 




Dauntless Homecoming by Pete Koziar (Good) 




Deuce's Wild: Beginners' Luck by L. S. King (Excellent) 




Dictates of Conscience: Journals of the Peregrine (Volumes 1 and 2) by Carol Parsons (Average)





Discovery in the Desert: It Will Shake the Nations by Tom Thiele (Average)



Eric's War: The Cougar and the Lamb by Kenneth E. Bliss (Excellent)




Ethereal Worlds by R. L. Copple (Average). 




Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges (Excellent)




Fighting with Angels by Jonathan Lehnerz (Good) 




The Gifted Series by Stephen R. Wilson (me)







Infinite Space, Infinite God 1 and 2 edited by Karina and Robert Fabian (Average)



The Queen's Martian Rifles by M. E. Brines (Excellent)




Star Chosen by Joe Chiappetta (Excellent) 




The Story in the Stars: Gateway to Gannah: Book 1 by Yvonne Anderson (Excellent)





Synthetic Soul by Melissa Levi (Excellent) 




The Worker Prince by Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Average)