List of Christian Fantasy Novels

The Aedyn Chronicles by Alister McGrath (Excellent)







Alsager's Secret by John Bright (Excellent)

The Ascendancy Trilogy by Caprice Hokstad (Excellent)


Aquasynthesis Edited by Grace Bridges (Good) 


The Auralia Tread Series by Jeffrey Overstreet (Good)

The Bell Mountain Series by Lee Duigon (Excellent/Good)



The Blades of Acktar Series by Tricia Mingerink (Excellent)







The Blood of Kings Trilogy by Jill Williamson (Excellent)







The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis (Excellent)


The Circle Series by Ted Dekker (Good)




Etania's Worth by M.H. Elrich (Good)






Ethereal Worlds by R. L. Copple (Average)


Eyes of E'veria Series by Serena Chase (Average)







Faith & Fairies: Book One of the Father Tree Tetralogy by C. S. Haviland (Excellent)



Forsaken Kingdom: City of Prophecy by Peter J. Dudek (Good)






The Four Horsemen by M. E. Brines (Excellent)

The Hole by Ray Owen (Good)

The Horn King Series by Brae Wyckoff (Good)

The Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight (Excellent)

Lady of Foxdale by Malcolm Cowen (Excellent)
Daughter of the King (Excellent)

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (Excellent)

Magnus Kir by Dean Hardy (Excellent)
The Narentan Tumults by Sherry Thompson (Good/Excellent) 

The Promise by C.M. Fritzen (Good)

Prophecy of the Heir: Primordium by J.C. Lamont (Good)

Protectors of the Spear Series by MaryLu Tyndall (Average)

The Reality Chronicles by R. L. Copple (Excellent)


Relics of Nanthara by Nick Giannaras (Good/Excellent)


Revival: The True Fairy Tale by Lydia and Kiya Thornton (Excellent) 


The Royal Wizard of Yurt Series by C. Dale Brittain (Good)

The Seven Words Series by C.S. Wachter (Good)

The Seventh Dimension Series by Lorilyn Roberts (Excellent)

Shadowmancer Series by G.P. Taylor (Good)

The Staff and the Sword Series by Patrick W. Carr (Good) 

Undercurrent by Michelle Griep (Excellent)


Where the Garden Begins by J. Suthern Hicks (Average)