Friday, December 2, 2011

The Thunder King: The Bell Mountain Series, Book Three by Lee Duigon Book Review

Genre: Christian Fantasy
Recommendation: Good

Originality – 4/5
Writing Style – 5/5
Plot – 4/5
Characters – 5/5
Aesthetics – 4/5
The dog Cavall and First Prester Reesh steal the show.
I’ve been a big fan of the Bell Mountain series since reading the first volume. In book 3, the Boy King’s formerly-Heathen army continues to grow in their faith in the One God under the tutelage of the Old Prophet. But is the Boy ready to be King?
As the action and characters in this novel shows, God more often than not calls us to do things that are much bigger than ourselves, and hardly ever reveals how He’s going to help us accomplish them.
Through a series of adventures and with the companionship of his new dog, Cavall, the Boy King learns trust and obedience as God uses him to fulfill His purposes.
On the other hand, Lord Reesh, head of the nation’s “Church” is scrambling to save the Temple, not because of any religious faith, but because he doesn’t want to lose that which he has spent his entire life building. He will do anything to keep the Temple safe from the Thunder King’s Heathen armies, even if it means committing some of the most heinous sins imaginable. My favorite scene in this novel is when Lord Reesh bids his oldest friend goodbye.
Filled with echoes of prophecy and Biblical stories, along with a solid theology and clean content, Bell Mountain continues to be one of the most encouraging Christian fantasy series out there.
I did take a few points off for The Thunder King, though, mainly because it felt like a transitional novel. There were some major events that took place and the ending sequence is great, but, in my opinion, it took a little too long getting there. It seemed like most of the book was spent traveling from place to place without much happening of consequence, almost like it was filler.
Still, the Bell Mountain Series continues to excite me and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for Duigon’s core cast of characters.
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