Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Alsager's Secret" by John Bright Book Review

Genre: Fantasy

Recommendation: Excellent

Originality – 4/5
Writing Style – 3/5
Plot – 4/5
Characters – 5/5
Aesthetics – 5/5

An exciting magical tale of good versus evil!

This youth book has wizards, warriors, non-stop adventure, mystery, humor, imagination, and well-defined characters. What more could you want?

The story starts when two children move to a new home in the country and inadvertently discover the key to unlocking an evil that has long since been imprisoned in the buried castle under their property. These children, along with their two new friends, must now help Alsager, the guardian wizard that first entrapped the evil, keep it from escaping once again into our world. They’ll meet some strange allies and some scary enemies before their mission reaches its end.

For my Christian readers, it should be noted that this book does not contain any specifically Christian content and one character makes a reference to “the gods”. Other than that, it is a perfectly clean read.

The only negative thing I can say is that the proofreading apparently wasn’t very good as the book has some awkward sentences and wrong punctuation (missing question marks) in a few places.

Alsager’s Secret is a fun, quick read and I’m giving it an overall recommendation of Excellent.

Alsager’s Secret is available from Tate Publishing.

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